Seawind 24 summer's results

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by YoungGrumpy, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Summer is over, the cat is safely towed home.
    Some results, impressions and disappointments I would like to share in order to solicit free advice.
    First, I did not have the time/energy to refinish the interior. I will hopefully see to it before the next season.
    Second, the new (for me) boom is a bit short, so I could not use the outhaul properly. Good thing most of the time it was a light air sailing, so I was not after a really flat sail. The only time it was blowing nicely, I was with a non-sailor for a crew, so I was not pushing it, and saw a 9-10 knots on the GPS.
    Third, my old 9.9 Yamaha would push the Seawind easily to 8 knots, but the noise and spray coming around it makes for an uncomfortable ride. Plus, even in moderate chop, the prop would jump out of the water too often.
    And, hard decks are a huge improvement in comfort/safety.
  2. YoungGrumpy
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    The rig configuration I’ve got:
    - Non-overlapping jib, sheeted to the sides of the mast, and to the first winch (I’d say, the standard SW 24 center console configuration), right after the engine
    - Main sheeted trough the 4:1-8:1 tackle to the full width traveler, did not see the need to use the winch, in fact, the 7/16 line (chosen so it is comfortable to pull by hand) was quite slow (uncleated line would not go out in light air), too much friction in the blocks.
    What I think I would need:
    - option for wider sheeting angle for the jib.
    - Cunningham for the main
    - One size less line for the mainsheet – for less friction, the tackle still would make it easy enough to pull
    - Some seating on the deck
    - Some storage on the deck
    - Protection from the spray coming from the bows would be nice too
    - Storage in the hulls (this summer I had crates full with lines, fenders, tools etc., on the floor next to the entrance, inside was not used in any other way)
    - Light air bigger headsail should be quite useful too!
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    Good to hear you're having some fun with it.
    All the best from Jeff.
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