Seawind 24- Looking for owners manual/info

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Mike00, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I'm considering buying a neglected Seawind 24 and bringing it back to life.

    I'm trying to get hold of some info about these boats and wondering if its possible to get hold of the owners manual any more? I have tried Seawind, no luck there- they have no info, or couldn't be bothered digging through the old files. Anyone got any leads?

    Judging by the praise heaped on these boats they would make a competent, fast and fun light coastal cruiser for Australia if you don't mind an outdoor lifestyle, packing light, and dodging the heavier weather.

    This one's been left on a mooring for quite a few years, and at some point broke free resulting in a large gash at the dagger board case where it ground against a concrete wall for a few hours. All running rigging is really rough, I guess standing rigging is over due for replacement, I think the forward cross beam should probably be replaced due to damage from a heavy mooring chain, I didn't trust the tramps to hold my weight, there's no motor, needs a new rudder and daggerboard, not sure about the condition of the sails, I hope the mast is ok (a halyard was banging inside and I guess that's been going on for years), and the hulls need some serious scrubbing.

    Looks like a fun project if I can talk the owner down to a reasonable price!
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    With the damage incurred it should be a freebee. Lots of cash required for the refit.
  4. Mike00
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    Thanks Jeff, I'll follow up those leads and se what I can find.

    I'm starting to agree, Catcketcher, that this boat is going to be a costly project.

    I'm crunching some numbers to see if its really worth it. I was told that if I replaced all the rigging above deck level (not including sails) it would cost around $10 grand. Does that sound reasonable? I'd imagined it to be quite a bit less, but I am possibly (probably) a bit naive about how much boats really cost- I've heard them described as holes in the ocean where you throw money. A mast will cost about $1800, and I'm told I should budget about $800 for standing rigging. I haven't checked the price of running rigging and fittings yet.

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    contact Tom Williams at the Marco Island Marriott Resort. He ran two Seawind 24's for twenty years doing Gilligan trips. I am sure that he has more hours on a S24 than any one. He is also a real nice guy and will answer questions you may have
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    If you are refitting a boat on a budget, why fit brand new on an old hull, if you are not going offshore where you need the ultimate in reliability why not peruse the secondhand market and ebay, Gumtree etc ?
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    Seawind 24 info

    Mike, you may find some answers in the Seawind section of which is live again.

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    I've owned a SeaWind 24, what do you need to know?
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