seawater and freshwater in the galley

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by urisvan, Apr 7, 2013.

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    i want to use seawater for washing dishes in the galley. Now i have a foot pump and it is connected to freshwater tank.
    Unfortunately i dont have space under the counter for putting another foot pump.
    Can i use the same pump for pumping both freshwater and saltwater? one hose from a seacock and one hose from the freshwater tank can come to the inlet of the pump. I can add valves to both hoses. when i want to use saltwater i close the valve of freshwater and when i use freshwater i close the valve on the saltwater hose and open the freshwater valve.
    My pump is working perfect with freshwater, ┼čt is trouble free. Is using saltwater bad for the pump?

  2. tunnels

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    If the pump is 99% plastic shouldnt be a problem just the springs for the valves could be if they are steel instead of stainless steel !! find the brand name and find out if the pump is serviceable and are spare parts availible or not !! Just a simple Y shaped tape is all thats needed ,1 exit with 2 inlets !!:)
  3. alan white
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    Bad idea. Use the foot pump for salt water, which is plentiful, and a hand pump for fresh water, which is scarce. That way you conserve fresh water. Mixing the two water supplies into one pump will work but it will waste fresh water any time you switch due to there being some left in the pipe after you switch.
  4. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    yes Alan,
    That was something that i was concerning about. I was thinking to pump out all the saltwater before i switch to fresh water. But i guess anyway they will mix a little bit.
  5. michael pierzga
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    Biological growth quickly fouls sea water plumbing. It wouldn't be a good idea to share fw and SW in same plumbing, pump. Better two systems

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    I find that hand pumps waste more water than foot pumps. If you have to wash your hands and face with a hand pump, it takes a lot of water to accomplish that. Rinsing a plate one handed wastes a lot of water too.
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