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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by RoyHB, May 7, 2010.

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    The new boat is coming with Raymarine ST70 instruments and an SPX autopilot.

    I'll be adding a chartplotter (probably a Garmin 4 or 5000) and a laptop. I'll need to organise the interface amongst all this stuff.

    The Ray SPX autopilot has a set of NMEA out terminals. Will this NMEA out contain the data that the Autopilot receives on SeaTalkNG from the ST70's?

    Alternatively, Is there a commercially available SeaTalkNG to NMEA converter?

    I believe that I can extract 'old' SeaTalk from SeaTalkNG using a Raymarine adapter cable.

    If I can extract the SeaTalkNG data from the ST70 instruments (in NMEA or 'old' Seatalk form then I can send that to a multiplexer from which I can drive the plotter and laptop. The multiplexer would also have inputs from an AIS receiver and a DSC radio.

    Other than buying a Raymarine plotter instead, is there a better way to do

    The other concern is data duplication: Does the SPX computer prioritise it's inputs, so that it gives preference to SeaTalkNG input or one of the other inputs, or is it just a case of first come first used?
  2. Submarine Tom

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    Hard to say.

    I'd go back to where you bought the nautical gear.

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    Sounds like time to "READ the Manuals" before you pick the Plotter, multiplexer, and other extra NEMA driven equipment. It is usually better to have all the Big Players OEM'd from the same source, so they are designed to interact with each other. In the past, I built some very nice Furuno Systems that had such Total Integration. Adding in others OEMs stuff gets things complicated really fast, and likely you will spend more on the integration than on the equipment itself, depending how smart and savvy the integrator turns out to be.
  4. apex1

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    There is one name in marine electronics.

    When will you folks get it?

    F U R U N O !

    leave the other **** at the shelves.

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    Conversation between devices should always stay within the family.

    Your Garmin has its own protocol as a factory default and will happily chatter with other Garmin devices. It can also communicate in NMEA mode when forced to do so, but handicapped.

    That is called limited implementation: it works, but not the way you expected. And that's not accidental.
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    Get-a-Life KenM

    Seatalk vs NMEA vs Navbus


    I am in the process of changing all of my less than 18 month old Navman/Northstar instruments over to Raymarine.

    I had a Raymarine Auotpilot interfaced with a C80 Chartplotter and radar which was then interfaced with Navman/Northstar wind/depth/speed instruments.

    What a disaster.

    First the unreliability of the Navman/Northstar was frustrating and the conversion switch thru the Navbus to NMEA was confusing enough to make the whole system make you want to jump overboard.

    With only the depth to go I cannot say what a joy it has been to be able to simply plug each component into each other and watch it work correctly.

    No matter what brand of electronics you purchase, my advice is to stay with the one brand for a complete interface system that works at its best.


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    Jeez , anyone answer the guy

    (a) The autopilot does not repeat the ST70 instruments data.

    (B) The ST70 does not have nmea 0183

    (c) However these systems have seatalkNG which is in effect NEMA2000. So forget NMEA0182 and go 2K and your gamrin will connect up just fine. You will need a special seatalkNG to Garmin NMEA2000 cable.

    Forget what CDK says , with 2K , th eintegration is much better then NMEA 0183

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