Seatalk/NMEA multiplexer + wheather + alarm system

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    Hello Everyone,

    First let me introduce myself. My name is David S. and I work for a company that specializes in IT, software and hardware solutions. I am also an avid sailer, boat owner, with over a decade's experience on the water.

    About one year ago my colleagues and I began to develop a device that would be able to group the multiple onboard electronic monitoring, security, and warning devices into a single professional quality unit. We have finished the prototype which you can view here:

    The device has been named Evy and that is how it will be referred to from here forward. Now, that my colleagues and I have developed a working prototype, I would like to ask for the input of you the yachting community what you would want or expect from a device such as Evy. Before we get to that, I will provide a description of what we have so far.

    Evy is open source, both software and hardware, it uses only standardized technology based on Linux. Our company has been creating similar equipment, but not for boats, and this previous experience has been critical in the development of Evy.

    The basic unit of Evy's hardware is the NMEA multiplexer that has been amply prepared for additional functionality. Though essentially ready, there are things such as additional connectors and a casing that are still to be developed fully. However, Evy's final form will hopefully be determined with the input of all of you, people better versed in the needs and desires of experience sailers. Evy is open source and will be completely equipped with admin interface (web) and full functionality.

    Description of Eva:
    Basic Package
    • Up to 8x external NMEA 0183 devices
    • Ready for NMEA 2000, 1x CanBus
    • Ready for Seatalk
    • Standard NMEA output
    • RJ45 connector (Notebook, PC, etc.)
    • WEB administration
    • 3x USB
    • RJ45 - LAN
    • I2C
    • 8x GPIO
    • 1-wire
    • 3x ADC coverter
    • 2x switch relay

    Optional add ons
    • GPS with external antenna (we have a professional version with an external antenna or a cheaper USB option)
    • Wifi (for NMEA communication on Android and Apple devices or even setting up an internet hot spot on the boat)
    • GSM modem (only to send cheap SMSes - alarms and communication and settings or a more expensive option with 4G LTE hotspot)
    • Modular wireless transmission between the sensors and Evy
    • Piezo siren 100 db
    • Magnetic door sensor
    • PIR motion sensor
    • Flood sensor
    • Sensor LPG
    • Carbon monoxide sensor
    • Fire sensor
    • Smoke detector
    • Barometer showing the barograph
    • Air thermometer
    • Engine, exhuast, and so forth thermometers
    • Hygrometer
    • Storm and lightning sensor
    • LCD – E-ink

    Supports AIS receiver not only according to NMEA standards, but also the cheaper and equally functional USB Daisy*reciever

    Beyond this we would like to create in the near future
    • Boxes for Raspberry Pi touchscreen LCD, in IP67
    • NMEA repeater display, but with E-INK (from E readers) primarily for higher visibility in direct sunshine. We would like to make the display more adaptable and user-friendly.

    Thank you for your time, attention and input.


    David S.

    PS: Allow me to conclude by attaching a link that provides additional information about the project
  2. david1972
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    Watch your boat's security sensor and live streaming camera remotely via the internet

    We have installed the prototype with weather sensors and basic alarm sensors, including a camera for live streaming.

    Here we show the possibility of controling situations on your boat remotely via Evy and the internet using a chart showing the progression of the changes being made.
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    What is the current status of the project ?

    How can be connected up to 8 NMEA 0183 devices ?
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