Seahunter Boats 32,37,41 Molds For Sale

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Christian Beaubien, Jan 23, 2021.

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    Seahunter 32, 37, and 41 molds for sale
    Asking $1,000,000 for everything. Seahunter is a well known established boat manufacturing company. The molds were off market for the past 6 months as we had a buyer with deposit in house. We are known for our efficiency, fishability, and beautiful lines on our hulls. If you want to start an awesome boat company contact me to get started with a known hull.The buyer was getting a loan and he recently just got denied for the loan. First come first serve! We would rather sell as a package, but we are willing to sell individually. Photos are attached down below.
    Email: if interested.
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    Christian, it sounds like you are just selling the three moulds for US$ 1,000,000?
    And that you will be continuing to produce the other boats in your range, including the catamarans?
    SeaHunter Boats | World's Best Center Console Offshore Fishing Boats
    If you couldn't make a profit building and selling these boats, then it is rather unlikely that somebody else will be able to, especially if they have to invest a million to start with, just to acquire a few moulds.
    The market for fast centre console fishing boats in this size range is VERY competitive.
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