Sea Strider (Concept)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by IvoryO, Sep 26, 2018.

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    I've been having a bit of fun lately trying to come up with a design of something unconventional that could survive the sea.

    Originally I was aiming for a leisure house boat that would stay near shore....but that evolved into one that could go out and (ideally) survive the harsher conditions out further.


    Most is rather self explanatory (the central structure is just framed, obviously it would have walls and doors and whatnot).


    Propulsion would be electric and focused on solar + wind. So wouldn't be moving all the time.

    But perhaps the most unique feature is a partially hollow keel (with a hole at the bottom) that would be on long steel supports running up through a couple steel sleeves attached to the core of the ship. One of these supports would be hollow, allowing air to be pumped down into the keel ....raising and lowering it (so not relying on chains or winches).

    This lets it survive harsher waves, but also have the option of bringing the keel up to enter shallow waters.



    Anyhow, just some crazy concept. It isn't properly engineered in the slightest. Just eyeballing stuff.

    The central framing also happens to make a bowl type shape. I wonder if you could put down layers of netting and a geotextile to let you create a small artificial beach. on there....
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