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Screaming Eagle EDGE 22 Project

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Screaming Eagle, May 7, 2018.

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    For Sale Screaming Eagle EDGE 22 Project

    As a part of our moving South and re-structuring our current models. I am putting the SEB Edge 22 project up for sale.

    For anyone who has not followed this project. This started off as a 21’ Skater copy hull. It was cut in half, bow to transom and widened 15 inches down the center. It was then cut in half at the front of the first step and lengthened 14 inches to make it a true 22 foot hull. This was all done with figuring in a good handling smaller cat that could handle the weight of twin 300 hp motors or a single 400 hp motor. We added a center pod to the plug with having the intentions of building a hull with or without the center pod. The plug has the center pod on it now. We were going to build an insert to go into the mold for hulls that customer’s wanted to delete the center pod from.

    What you are getting. You will get the modified hull plug with the steel cart on wheels it is fastened to, the original deck (which has not been modified at all), and the stock liner (which has not been modified at all.)

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE HULL TO MAKE A BOAT OUT OF. This is only good for making a mold of. You could use the deck and liner for a boat.

    I want that to be clear with potential buyers. I may build another 22 cat boat at a later date. It may look like a Talon, it may look like a Skater or I may go a whole other route, but I just want there to be no misunderstandings, I may enter that size market again.

    $30,000 or bring offers. A lot of man hours have been put into this project to get it to this point. It is all stabilized and ready for shipping. The hull is upside down, ready for final body work and then make a mold from.

    If you have any questions please call 937-292-7674 or email Todd at todd@screamingeagleboats.com

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