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Discussion in 'Software' started by Annode, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Annode

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    Which software can produce scantlings using these principals for steel 24m boat with twin keels and skeg that it will sit on when dried out - so vertical loads in both directions

    Since longitudinal strength calcs are trivial < 60m, and all structural analysis can be reduced to bending and sheer, this really shouldnt require too much CPU power.

    It might also be interesting to know how close the real world calcs come to the ABS results, but I am not at all interested in building to thick volumes of regs (NOT THE TOPIC OF THIS THREAD)

    Perhaps a MaxSurf expert can detail that apps suitability to this task to start with.
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  2. TANSL
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    Any software for calculating scantlings uses data obtained from the real life of the ships. These data are usually reflected in safety coefficients that affect, for example, the design pressures or the maximum admissible sigma for a given material. The formulas of the regulations of the Classification Societies, or of the ISO (for small boats), are not only theoretical formulas but are based on many experiences and reports, from many highly qualified people, who take into account, as I say, the working circumstances of the ships, with variations, even, in relation to the type of ship in question.
    All regulations define minimum design pressures but offer the designer the possibility to impose a higher design load, if the conditions of the ship require it. It is very normal to apply a higher load on the decks than the strictly regulatory one. The designer can also apply loads to the keel of a beached ship and study (generally by direct calculation) the impact on the keel supporting structure (Have a look at ISO 12215-9).
    I don't think Maxsurf can say anything about calculating scantlings of a structure.
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    Annode, Tansl is being very polite and helpful above - take heed of his useful comments.
    Most other folk are probably rather skeptical of this mythical 24 metre steel bilge keel boat that you are designing - if you tell us a bit more about it, then you might come across as somebody genuine, rather than somebody who is simply trolling and who enjoys winding people up.
    Posting a silly sketch on your other thread doesn't really cut it.
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