Sailing boats' Stability, STIX and Old Ratios

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Guillermo, Sep 3, 2006.

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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Hello there,
    Sorry for the delay in answering but this is an old thread which I oly visit for time to time.

    I am afraid you need to hire the services of a qualified professional to perform an stability test of your boat and, having both the hull lines and the general arrangement plans, perform the calculations to find what the STIX is and then sign a proper report for you to give it to the regatta authorities. To get the hull lines most probably the pro will also need to measure the hull ashore.
    I hope this can be of help.

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    Guillermo, tienes datos del stix para el oceanis 390 ?. Para el 393 posterior ya los he visto pero no hay nada del barco original beneteau 390 de quilla sin bulbo. Te agradecería estos datos.
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    Hi Luso,

    I am looking at buying a boat with the same plan, do you have the results from consulting with Guillermo?


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    Guillermo, esperamos a oír de ti.
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