Sailing a 28.5" wide twinhull kayak, standing up, and sans outriggers

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by icetreader, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Yepp, but what`s it about ?
    Everyone having sailed bigger sized non-ballasted-centerboarders knows it.
    U can feel that it`s "safe" --sailing in equilibrium.
    Few helmsman inform themselves and know why it isn`t sailing on the edge.
    In Germany we have a lot of experience with "narrow" boats without ballast and a lot of sailarea. They work well, pretty save and fast.
    Obviously it looks like sailing on the edge, but...
    The Brits show the same principle with their cruising-canoes. Do u know "Rob Roy" that travelled thru the baltic, nearly whole europe and israel ?
    There has been an active race class with those boats, can`t find a link, sorry.
    The racing led eventually to this fascinating boat:

    After the WWII our grandfathers and fathers built little boats from the half shells of supply-bombs. During war those "bombs" came down with a parachute , they contained food the troops.
    In North Germany there has been a class for those narrow alloy 10`boats.
    Sailin`with scrap , sails made of old anything--post war `50s !

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