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Sailboat molds for sale

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Jesus Alvarez, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Jesus Alvarez New Member

    Us Polymar born in the year 1991 by Jesus Alvarez , is mainly engaged in wing construction of small boats polyester , manufacturing three models of sailing and motor 3.6 and 5.5 meters long, parallel we are dedicated to the repair and treatment of osmosis where a great experience trying vessels throughout the Spanish territory is acquired.

    In 1995 we began a new and ambitious project for us , building a sailboat 7 meters , based on the concept and forms of mini - transta 6.5 m famous , began construction of molds which would be the 24 Yatlant a rapid and stable conditioned for hard and Conditions by adverse loas that occur in this area cruise.

    In early 1996 the first prototype boot, numerous tests are performed and some technical details are changed mid-year the first unit serial Yatlant 24 boot and begins to market , this model begins to have considerable acceptance in the area and 12 units manufactured after the design class with which Yatlant 24 class regattas are organized throughout the region is created.

    In early 2005 there are 100 units built Yatlant 24 , having this model for the main sailing school yacht clubs

    Due to demand from our customers in early 2004 began the study of the construction of two new models of 7.5 m ( Yatlant 26) and 8.5 meters long . ( Yatlant 28).

    This services Naval Architect Javier Cela is hired, with experience as a technical project manager racer some designs on the market.

    Following the philosophy of the two models Yatlant 24 looking for a balance of spacious interiors with practical functionality of a ship at sea are designed, all within a modern and fast ways .

    At year's end is constructed first mold helmet Yatlant 28 with which a prototype is manufactured.
    After testing, afinales 2005 made ​​the final mold the two models are constructed,
    In early 2006 the first units of the two models are thrown .
    Currently our models are built on the premises of the company Coruñesa Composites pioneer in the construction of high-tech components for wind turbines
    All our models can be viewed on the website www.yatlant.es
    All our models can be viewed on the website www.yatlant.es
    The models on sale with their construction projects are:
    Yatlant 21
    Yatlant 24
    Yatlant 26
    Yatlant 28
    The molds are in perfect condition and complete.
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