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    Trying to identify the make and/or designer of a wooden sailboat anchored outside of our family cabin. It appears to be abandoned with no documentation or personal belongings. There is a CG doc. number which I looked up and it gave me a little to work off. There is a backpack aboard with the name that matches the CG doc. previous owner. It appears it expired in 2000 and there is no state registry anywhere. The boat has been settling on the beach at low tides. We moved her to a ball for security. Info I found says... 35', 9'3" breadth, 12 ton net... No builder, year or designer. My initial thought from the pic is Seaborn design. I havent seen her but this is info from the family. Sorry its not a great pic but maybe someone will have some insight. Thank you. BTW... Its only been anchored there a few weeks, no one saw it come in.

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