Sailboat Fiberglass Mold Appraisal

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by adamjx, Sep 1, 2013.

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    adamjx New Member

    Hi everyone...

    I have 5 fiberglass molds for sailboats, does anyone know where I could have them appraised?
  2. gggGuest
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    gggGuest ...

    You mean set a value on them? Its probably near enough nothing.

    This tooling, which has a limited production life anyway, only has any value if anyone wants to build boats of the design the mould produces. So that's unlikely, because if there was demand for the design they'd probably not have become available.

    Then there's the condition the moulds are in - how well they've been stored and how well they were treated when last used. This will dictate how much labour and expense will be needed to put them in a state where they can be used again.

    Then there's the residual life of the things: they don't last for ever so how tired are these ones...

    And there may also be intellectual property issues. If the moulds are for a recognised class, for instance, you may need approval from the class association before you're allowed to build boats for the class, and the class may have granted sole approval to another builder. There are also the issues of the designers rights, which is a complete and confusing minefield because, for instance, you can't patent a hull design but you might be able to patent or otherwise restrict some aspects of that design... So all that's going to cost a fortune in lawyers fees before you can use them!
  3. Chenier
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    If you are looking for something more than a casual estimate - for example something that will hold up for the IRS, a commercial lender, etc - your best best is probably to go through the ASA, Amer. Soc. of Appraisers. They have a category of membership for Machinery and Technical Specialties, and if you call the ASA during business hours they can probably point you in the right direction.

    These folks have seen it all, and the appraisal community is tight enough so someone can point you to an appropriate expert. Just performing a quick search on the ASA site I saw a likely option in Michigan, if that is where these are located.

    This won't be cheap, and it's not for casual estimating.
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