Sail Boat Plans 34 to 40 feet Round bilge

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by IanH, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Naming rights are for the trademark name of the design. It would be consider fraud for a person buying a design to claim to be the designer.
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    Thanks for the replies. I would not consider designing the boat entirely by myself. I would hire a NA. But I would provide plenty input in the way of lay out and design. I suppose it will depend on the costs involved and the difference between plans for a single boat and owning the design outright.

    As this would be a one off design I will be paying for the designers time hence the thought of recovering the costs.

    It will essentially be my design, refined and detailed by the NA. This is how I build my house I designed the layout and external design, materials and construction methods. Then passed this to the architect who ensured it complied with the building regulations and then to a structural engineer who detailed the structure. I consider the house my design and think a similar method would work for building a boat.
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    Wondering about manufacturers brochure figures for displacement. Would the figure quoted include the anticipated weight of crew. Stores. Fuel. Water. Equipment etc. Etc.

    Hanse 415 quotes a displacement of 8900kg
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    It is very likely that they do not include all that because the tendency is to show that it is a very resistant but very light hull. In any case, you have to analyze the manufacturer's brochure well and ask him to explain what he includes in the light ship weight and in the other items that make up the weight.
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    It is no different, but it is also very different. Since you are conflating "a layout to your preference" to one that is an actual "Design".
    As you have already noted... you needed an architect a structural engineer etc etc.. these are the 'Designers'.

    The simple way to think of it...ok... you draw your layout, you like it, it suits what you want... BUT... will it work... will be safe... will be structurally sound.. will it pass rules? If the answer to any of these is "no" or "no idea", then all you have done, is a "layout" of your preference. Everyone has their own preference, everyone! A preference is not a design, it is merely that.. your personal preferences that are illustrated on a drawing in either 2D or 3D.

    And the acid test is, let's say i look at your drawings and say hey, that's great i like it. But.. i want to move the windows from A to B and make them bigger.. the stairs from fwd to aft and make the main cabin my preferences. But my preferences may make the whole "Design" difficult to achieve, as structurally it may no longer work...or may not pass, who will do that part of the "Design", But you didn't do that for your own, so you can't add any value to the conversion to my preferences....but also...according to your logic, the 'Design' is now mine. As it is "my preferences", I designed it!

    A final thought.. history is littered with endless claims from "inventors" and "designers" of: I have the best design since sliced bread and i will make loads of money from it as everyone will want one.
    Having a good idea, or your own idea or believing your idea is marketable never translates into the real market. Why.. because the markets' preferences are not yours!

    Just as Sir Clive Sinclair and his C5....
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    Hi. Ad Hoc
    Thanks for your informed input. It is welcomed I agree with much of what you have said and disagree with much of it as well.
    I suppose it comes down to how much information I supply up front to a NA if just a rough sketch and a few paragraphs then indeed he would be designing the craft. However if I provide a lines plan with LCB and LCG, a sail plan and a proposed structure and then ask the NA to finalise the design I accept it would be more accurate to describe the design as jointly designed.
    What I have in my mind is not a C5 of the oceans!!! rather a modern monohull fast cruiser in the 39 range.
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    Ian, have you come across the designs by Mike Pocock?
    I think that for what you want in a cruising yacht, his designs probably are the closest to what you have in mind, and could be a useful starting point for reference?
    Sadly Mike crossed the bar 5 years ago, but his wonderful sailing yachts live on.
    Tributes paid to yacht designer Mike Pocock - Practical Boat Owner

    John Rodriguez sold Al Shaheen a while back, but still has details of her on his site.
    OK, she is aluminium, and 2' longer than than your 40' limit, but I am sure that she would come pretty close to what you are after?
    Boat Details - John Rodriguez Yachts

    Some more info about Al Shaheen -
    About Al Shaheen

    And here is her sister ship Arabesque, whose hull is cold moulded, but with a fibreglass deck and superstructure..
    MB Yachts Pocock 42, 160.088 € |

    Mike also designed Blackjack, which he later bought from the original owners, and took her on a cruise around the world.. Lumberjack in the link below is a slightly larger version of Blackjack -

    Some more background re Mike -
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    Thanks. I will check out your links. Cheers.
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