Ruraint & long tail moter?

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    I came across this site today:

    "The Ruranit is lightweight, able to go in shallow rivers, and it handles very well. What's more its price is competitive to boats that can't begin to measure up to it's performance."

    Has anyone built one of these or used a long tail motor in the US? It seems with the price of outboards, this would be a very cheap way to go for a quick lightweight skiff, but the safety concerns I'm not sure about.
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    A drawing from the site above:

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    I've seen them in use in third world countries. They are rather dangerous compared to an outboard. In the USA, where Mac Donald's gets sued for making poeple fat, would be suicide to sell them. As far as performance, the shaft angle is steeper than an inboard, is poor. The initial investment may be cheaper, but a smaller outboard will perform as well. I can see some advantages in very shallow water.
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