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Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by JonM81, May 25, 2006.

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    In my 02 Tahoe Q3 I am currently running 2 batteries. I use the boat alot for fishing and skiing... The boat currently has 2 new deep cycle batteries from the previous owner... Right now on the starting battery, the boat's accessories (light, belge, livewell, etc.) run off the starting battery as well. The 2nd battery has the trolling motor and radio ran to it.

    I am thinking about a 3rd battery (cranking) for the motor then run the radio and boat accessories to run off of one deep cycle and the trolling off the other deep cycle.

    Also, I am looking at multiple battery chargers than stay on board with an a/c plug, these are quite pricey even on ebay?? Any other ideas?? Would I need a 3 bank charger with 3 batteries or could I get by with a 2 bank as the motor would keep the cranking battery charged enough throughout the summer?? Thank you!
  2. JonM81
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    Actually, I was wrong... I got in there this AM and traced everything.... The only thing the 2nd deep cycle runs is the trolling... radio, accessories and engine are ran off one deep cycle... I am gonna have to do some re wiring to make all this work to my advantage... Any advice appreciated.
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    Put all accessories on the trolling battery. I assume you have a 3 way switch? When the engine is off, switch to the trolling batt. I think 3 batteries is overkill. I only run 2 on my offshore boat, and I'm running a refridgerator, electronics, stereo, etc... No problems. I have one battery as the "house" battery, the other strictly cranking.

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