running AC compressor cruisair at lower voltage

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by sdowney717, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Cruisair compressor if run on shore power I was reading the voltage at 107 volts AC and 57 cycles.

    When running on gen, the voltage is 121.
    I also notice it runs little bit quieter on the generator.

    Does running this at 107 compromise the internal induction motor?

    Cruisair advertises that if volts drop below 100 for 3 seconds compressor will shut off. This is for compressors running off the SMX control panel. Mine is older 3 knob rotary.

    I also note that shore power can not start the compressor. If I start compressor on gen and let run a couple minutes, then I can switch compressor to poorer quality shore power and it will start. Ideally it would be nice to let it run from shore versus gen power.

    following is for the SMX controlled units
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    It doesn't harm the motor, but that is really lousy shore power. Probably long cables with thin wires. The motor draws approx. 10 times more current when starting and the voltage is well below 100 V then.
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