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    I did not see a forum that fit this, but it sounded like well seasoned old salts answered my last question so here goes. It is several parts; 1. How much of a problem is being safe from predator type people on the water? I will not go without my own protection. How do I find out the rules about having a weapon when you go into waters of another country? How do I find out the places to avoid - where the wrong side of the tracks is? I am sure the water is not the only dangerous thing out there.
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    More danger on land. Be careful carrying a weapon onboard, many countries go really crazy when they found out you brought a gun. The first thing they do is confiscated it at least until you leave. Others will fine you. IF you don't declare it then you can get into bigger trouble... Personally, take nothing or stay in US waters. Otherwise there are risks.
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    Plenty of updates on the safety of various areas, changing rules and policies, etc. are available on Jimmy Cornell's site, Most of the information there seems to be based on updates from cruising sailors who are passing through these places, and from official government announcements.

    There's also an extensive, often hostile, but interesting discussion on this forum about how to handle piracy, and whether to carry weapons, at:
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