RotoMolding Services For The Marine Industry

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    Total Molding Solutions

    We are a specialist company based in Thailand providing roto molding solutions to the marine industry , we have currently the capacity to offer a one stop production service to companies producing products in roto molded plastics with very competitive pricing.

    From consultation and advise on design, costing and technical information we can provide information on the feasibility and advantage of producing in roto molded plastic, we have in-house 3D designers that can assist in turning 2d drawings into 3D models for mould design, costing, production procedures, design presentation as well as modifying current designs to be made in plastic. We produce our own molds and can offer CNC machined Cast aluminium moldings as well as sheet metal and hybrid sheet metal/cast aluminium moldings at a very competitive price compared with other companies. Unlike fibreglass moldings we are also able to melt down and re cast moldings in the event of product updates, new products and discontinued products, this allows us to reduce the cost of future moldings by re using the aluminium from discontinued products.

    All our roto molded products can be finished as per customer specification from basic plastic part production to fully finished and fitted out according to specification, with over 20 years experience in the marine industry we can also help source marine fittings and hardware from our large database of suppliers. We can also offer a price comparison and typical production output for builders that are currently building products in fibreglass that could be adapted to be made in plastic.

    For any further information regarding roto molded marine products please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to assist and advise on the possibilities of roto molded plastic

    Best Regards

    The Team at Total Molding Solutions
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    Well if you rotomould boats do a better job than Fun-Yak ..think before you mould !!!
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    foilcats Stephen Snedden

    Whats you maximum capacity oven?
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