Rondar 505 1970 and trapeze

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by 500Lonepine, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Just got a rondar 505 built in 1970. It's in great shape with new sails etc. It also came with a trapeze rig. Silly question as the boat class was designed for a single trapeze.

    I have no experience with trapeze. So a boat like this and the mast etc... Are all designed to clearly support a 165lb man hanging from the mast with the pressure of the wind? I realize this is a kind of silly question, but this is no problem?
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    Not from the preassure of the wind, but otherwise yes. The strength actually comes from the stiffness of the mast, and the standing rigging.
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    Easily more than a 165# man. In fact the sails will not set corretly if you are not trapezing. In light winds upwind, the crew hooks into the trapeze and either puts their feet against the daggerboard well or even the leeward tank, just to get their weight on the mast and thus tension the Forestay as well as control the leech of the main

    Now regardless of when it was built, what really matters is when was it last re-rigged. There's been a fair number of changes in the types of controls in use on 5ohs. II would recommend visiting the Class Site for more information

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