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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wayne nicol, Oct 8, 2016.

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    wayne nicol Senior Member

    i have access to a brand new 43 in steel - uncompleted- set up for a sloop rig- is it possible/ feasible to reconfigure the sail plan to a gaff schooner rig. access to the keel is dead easy right now- being incomplete as it is- to remove the current mast compression post- and build two new ones.
    has this been done before- are there plans out there for this change-
    next step might be a na- but just looking for some feedback
  2. Barry
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    Barry Senior Member

    I suspect that the original plans had the options for a sloop rig,
    Contact Roberts for information
    It would be easier than designing it from scratch if it has already been done
  3. waikikin
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    You might want to contact Fine Line in Australia, they own the early designs & still support, the 45 has an option for schooner.. lots of the original "design" material from BR was quite generic in detailing & adaptable, I'm sure Fineline can supply drawings at some cost.

    They also have some workshop drawings available for rudder mods that seem to be necessary.

    Regards from Jeff
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