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    some of my friends have become the member of RINA( royal instituion of naval architecture)
    but dont know what kind of facility they will get from RINA.
    Can you please tell me what kind of facility can a student member get from RINA?
    can you tell me about other forum or organization from which a naval architecture student can be benifited?
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    Hi Pavel,

    As a student member of RINA I think you would get all the same benefits as a full member.
    *A monthly publication 'The Naval Architect', which contains news and semi-technical papers. Every third issue also contain the seperate magazine 'Warship Technology' with info on warships and submarines around the world.
    *For an additional fee you can also subscibe to the Transactions, which are the technical papers with all the latest research in.
    *Reduced fees for attending various seminars, conferences and symposia, although these are normallt in London, so quite a trek for you!
    *You can buy NA books (Basic Ship Theory, etc) at reduced prices. I think you get a hefty discount on Principles of Naval Architecture, the SNAME book. At full price this is a very expensive book (£500), but is the definitive text and I would definitely recommend it to all NA students. I think a student can get it for £100. Still expensive, but absolutely worth it.
    *You gain access to a professional body, with the opportunity to make contacts, receive advice and improve your training and education.
    *There is an online forum where you can post questions, but it isn't very well used.

    You may feel that some of these benefits are of no great interest, at least until you graduate. Personally, I would get the membership just to get a cheap copy of PNA and to understand what the wider world of naval architecture is all about.
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    I guess your other option is SNAME, which is the American equivalent of RINA. There is not much difference and you can join both if you wish. I don't know which is more popular in your part of the world, probably RINA due to our historic links.
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