Rib Tube Material

Discussion in 'Materials' started by grp.boat, Dec 22, 2007.

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    I am trying to find a distributor for the pvc or pu fabric used in manufacturing rib (rhib) tubes. Can anyone help???

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    You Bet ! I've made air ribs for years. and they work great, weight down and conform to the hull shape.
    Go to a local supply store and get clear flexable tubing, like for water, size and length you need.
    Put a plug on one end (brass?), clamp it with a radiator hose clamp and on the other end do the same, BUT drill a hole , tap and install a tire air fitting in the plug, clamp it. Then charge it with 30 to 40 # of air pressure. wax it and or pva. The air willexpand the tubing.
    Give it a baseball bat rap with glass and resin, lay it in the hull, glass it in and let it kick. The next day, I let the air out,it shrinks in size, take one end cap off and pull it out. On to the next one. :) I call it and air ribb, because there is nothing but AIR left ! Good luck !
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