RIB buoyancy calculation according ISO-6185/3

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    GREEKFLEET Junior Member

    hello designers and "wanbe" designers!
    I would like to ask a question in those who have used this standard.

    The "buoyancy of the rib" witch is involved in some basic equations according to the standard is (paragraph 3-3.4) :the inflated buoyancy and the permanent inherent buoyancy or at least two compartements of permanent sealed buoyancy ,fixed to the rigid hull, not exceeding 20% of the total buoyancy.

    can you please explain that to me.

    for example:
    if we say a=inflated volume
    b=the perm.inherent buoyancy or
    the perm.sealed buoyancy
    then a+b=T(total volume)
    but b<=0.2T
    so a+0.2T=T
    T=a/0.8 which means the volume is 10/8 *a=1.25a

    Am i wright?

    thank you very much and sorry for stealing you time!
  2. Dutch Peter
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    I think you should read it this way:

    buoyancy of a rib is: inflated + inherent OR perm. sealed + inherent

    and the condition on the permanently sealed buoyancy is that is should not be more then 20% of the total
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