RIB Builder seeks Fabricators and or designers

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Mark5626, Mar 25, 2003.

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    I am actively seeking employees to staff our expanding operations. We are located in the Northwest and I am finding expierenced help difficult to find. There are a lot of Boat savy people but the expirence with fabrics is what is difficult to find.If you have any interest in or know of someone who may feel free to contact me at the included email adress.
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    hi my name is art kern ,were are you at ? i have 25 years exp in the boating ind,11 years alone at douglas marine have done everything ,from wild to mild ,have exp with all advanced composites such as kevlar, carbon fiber , s and e glass and all epoxy resins , would you plese contact me at my e mail address thank you art
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    Sealion Glue Sniffer

    I am an experienced Rib tube designer and builder looking for new projects. Please email me at nick@sealionboat.com

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    My name is Mick Wright, I live in Bend, Oregon and I have 22+ yrs. in the fiberglass business. Most of my experience is in the tub shower bathtub business and in the R.V. business, mostly luxury motorhomes. I am experienced in all phases of fiberglass production , from applications to finish and repair work. If you would like to review my Resume or contact me my e-mail is mandtw!@netzero.net. Look forward to if your interested.
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    Fabric people are hard to find.

    Try job boards in the upholstery industry.

    There are also people in aerospace who do inflatable stuff/fabric, so you may be able to find some former Boeing types or their subs.

    Just remember, everyone has a trade association, you just have to find it.
  6. fiberglass fabricator

    Hello, My name is Steve Packard .I am a 31 year old native of Maine.I've made a career out of working with fiberglass since 1994. My strong suit is lamination,and gelcoat. All my training was hands on,I've never been to trade school.I worked my way up from "grinder"when i started to lamination.I built truck caps for Gazzel for 2 years and 21' motor boats for 6 years at witch i was laid of for lack of work . At that point i opened my own boat repair shop where i did all aspects of repair. However, the local economy would not support that so i closed last fall . I would greatly love to continue my glass career.If you are interested please call me at 207-364-3501 or e-mail me at Spackard@gwi.net Thank You
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  8. Brandon V

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    Need of Carbon Fiber

    Hello, my name is Brandon Valentine and I am a student for the Center of Advanced Learning in Gresham, Oregon. Currently I am a team leader for a solar powered car that we are building for the annual solar power race in Huston, Texas in the year 2005. Right now we are planning to enter in that race and compete against the top colleges in the nation. My team and I our Juniors in High school, so just getting there would be an accomplishment in itself. What I am asking is there anyone out there that knows a business or is interested in participating with our project by helping us construct a carbon-fiber body for our solar car. If you are interested please contact me at brandon_valentine@thecenterforadvancedlearning.org or my home phone number @ (503) 665-2737 Thank you so much for your time

    Brandon Valentine

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    Kobus Potgieter Naval Architect

    I'm a naval designer specializing in RIB's. Have done designs for leaders in the industry e.g Zodiac.
    If you need any design work or even consulting, manufacturing or sub manufacturing.
    Give me a call
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