Discussion in 'Software' started by Hamish_A, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Hamish_A Member


    I am thinking of getting Rhino Marine has anyone got a PDF the manual I can have a flick through before taking the plunge?
  2. ldigas
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    RhinoMarine, to my knowledge no longer exists. At least not under that name. They've changed the name of the product to Orca3D ... http://www.orca3d.com/Orca3dJ/ ...

    That being said, the help manual is available for download from their web pages, from what I can see. Go to Support and then Help(PDF).
  3. b1ck0
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    Well, actually the support for RhinoMarine was suspended in 2009. I still have some old installation file of RhinoMarine but I am not sure if there is a trial period so you can see it by yourself ...
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