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  1. KRL
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    KRL Junior Member

    Can anyone tell me how to go about designing the superstructure on a hull that has been exported from maxsurf as a rhino3d.

    are there any tutorials around?

  2. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    just learn the basic use of Rhino , then you can easily design superstructure in 3d model in Rhino.

    If you have General arrangement plan of the ship in Autocad then that will be helpful for designing the superstructure taking the dimensions from there.

    You will get good quality tutorials from here

    and http://download.rhino3d.com/Rhino/4.0/Rhino4Training/

    download Level 1 and Level 2 guide, and start !
  3. ACuttle
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    This is very good advice, producing a superstructure model in rhino is very simple once you have an idea on the basics.

    You can import and align and 2D drawings to act as guide or just work straight into 3D. My advice over method would be to start with continous sections (like deck heights) then work from there into other regions.
  4. KRL
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    KRL Junior Member

    Hey i have done a couple of tutorials in rhino and i have got the hang of it. My problems is that most tutorial start from curves while, when i import the hulll from rhino i get surfaces. How do i get curves out of the surfaces? Or do i have to convert the surface to some other form to start working on the superstructure?
  5. CaptBill
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    CaptBill CaptBill

    T-Splines is a third-party component you can download which greatly simplifies Rhino. It makes Rhino much more intuitive for non-professionals, for sure. You can download a free (save limited) trial from them.

    I think the owner has actually posted her if I am correct, as a matter of fact.

  6. DCockey
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    There are several ways to get curves, in part it depends on what curves you want. On the menu Curve > Curve from Objects opens a list of commands to obtain curves from surfaces.

    Intersect is a powerful tool which creates curves and points where surfaces and/or lines intersect.

    Now a question for you - what do you need the curves for? Why not build the superstructure onto the surfaces you imported?

    Another question - how much experience do you have with manual drafting, traditional CAD, 3D modeling? Each tends to develop different ways of working.

  7. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    To model a superstructure in Maxsurf you will find the curve commands useful. Sketch the key curves which define the key cross sections of the ss then use the extrude or skin commands to make surfaces from them. A similar approach can also be used in rhino.
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