Rhino & Tsplines for serious yacht design

Discussion in 'Software' started by b_rodwell, Aug 21, 2007.

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    b_rodwell Junior Member

    Is anyone using Rhino with Tsplines for serious yacht design?

    I was fascinated by the combination of technologies and started to experiment. It was a steep learning curve. Firstly I had to use a completely different Rhino methodology and forget all the Rhino practices I have worked out for myself:

    . very little use of trim
    . no use of Rhino fillets, blends and merges
    . make the parts that would normally be fillets, blends and merges first
    and then add the simpler large surfaces

    Learning has taken several ages. However once I have gained some mastery I think it will be as fast as the techniques I used previously. And it will certainly give a superior and more maintainable result.

    I would be interested in hearing of the experiences of others in using these tools together for this type of application. What sequence of development and function did you use.

    Brian Rodwell
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    Steve Baer Rhino Developer

    Hi Brian,
    Beta testers of Rhino/T-Splines and the T-Splines developers routinely share their thoughts at:

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