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Discussion in 'Software' started by ARGO, May 15, 2005.

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    ARGO Junior Member

    This has to do with rendering out curved surfaces. When it renders out , the edges looks like polylines. The contours form poly edges.
    This happens after i get further into the construction.
    I have fixed this problem before, i was wondering if anyone had a good fix for this problem.
  2. RThompson
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    Hi Jason,

    Maybe the render mesh is not fine enough.
    go to:
    "document properties", then "mesh"
    tick the box for "smooth and slower"

    If the renders are still not good enough, then tick the custom box.
    Leave all the settings the same except "minimum initial grid quads" - set that to 200. (I have found that to be the fastest/simplest way to refine a render mesh more than the defaults)

  3. JEM
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    You might want to switch to the treefrog rendering option. Gives smoother lines and quicker. Also look in your document properties and click on the mesh option. Adjust those settings.

    Even if your surfaces are fair and smooth, it's the display that is making it look funky. Rhino does this to save memory and speed. The finer display you have, the more memory it takes up.

    I often create a separate file just for rendering a design. I leave out all the internal framing that can't be seen from the outside anyway. This keeps the file memory size low. If you don't have at least a Pentium 3 (or equivilant) and 128 of RAM, you'll be waiting a while for more complex images to render.
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