Rhino and Fast Yacht

Discussion in 'Software' started by Matthew, Oct 28, 2002.

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    Has anyone used Fast Yacht? I am under the impression its pretty new, and was going to download a demo (if available) soon, but if anyone has any other info on it (is it a seperate application - ie will I need to export from it to Rhino etc) please could they let me know.
    How much does Pro Surf cost by the way?

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    Hi Matthew

    www.newavesys.com its the place to go, i dont have any expirence with fast yacht, but i have used prosurf for a while and in my point of view i will keep using prosurf, it has the tools that i need, and easy to use, i will recomend you to have a look a prosurf. and make a list of what you really need, for example for me was the need for tool capable of focus only on the hull shape, and preliminary hydrostatics, nothing fancy but capable, and able to export iges files, there is many other actions that you can perform with prosurf but....take a look around and try them all, it's very important, i know there is some kind of offer for fast yacht and rhino and i belive its not bad but again take a look and see what fits you

    have fun
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