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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by KH-Sails, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. KH-Sails
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    Just purchased a Reynolds 21 cat in real nice shape. The boat displaces 1,000 pounds and each hull has a lot of storage area.

    I was thinking about converting the boat to a tri. Would like the center hull to be the primary area for a galley and dinette and the two amas for sleeping quaters.

    Any thoughts on a something out there that would match up nicely to the Reynolds?

  2. Chris Ostlind

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    You have some questions before you that need answers. Among others, stuff like:

    1. Will the boat be trailered?

    2. Demountable or folding?

    3. Fast, or cruiser?

    4. Are your metal and composite fabrication skills up to snuff, or will it be jobbed-out.

    5. Are you looking to build your own vaka designed specifically for the task, or buy a suitable hull already built?

    5. Use existing rig, or something else in mind?

    That's a good start. I'm sure that the other guys will have a few bits to add.
  3. Joe Moore
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    My thoughts would be enjoy the R21 as it is, then sell it and buy a trimaran. I can't think why you'd pull apart a perfectly good boat, it doesn't really make sense.
  4. KH-Sails
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    KH-Sails Junior Member

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the response.

    1. I don't think the boat would be able to be trailered. Even if you went the simple route and demounted the hulls. Would be a tough challenge to get all pieces on a trailer with up to a 9' beam?

    2. Demountable. Want to keep this this as simple and cost efficient as possible. I really do not want to start tearing apart the Reynold's hulls to accommodate a folding design.

    3. Definitely a cruiser.

    4. This isn't a job for me. There are plenty of guys in the San Diego area qualified to do this job that are starving right now.

    5. I would like to be able to find an existing center hull which would match up nicely with the Reynolds. I really do not want to undergo the time and cost to design and build something new. However, I also do not want the resulting boat to look like a hodge podge of bits and pieces. I am hoping someone out there with more knowledge than I could make a recommendation. There are several cosmetic ways to match the three up. New port cut-outs, re-awlgrip the top sides, graphics, etc. The Sea Wing 24 has what appears to be a nice center hull although I have not been able to locate any close-up photos, specs or hull drawings. Not even sure how many of them are around.

    6. The Reynolds rig wouldn't work. The boat already weighs in at over 1,000 lbs. Would first take a look at the sail plan for the donor center and go from there. Aluminum extrusions are relatively inexpensive and I am able to build the running and standing rigging as well as design the sails.

    I bought the Reynold's for a pretty good price. It isn't perfect for me. I would like something fun with better performance than a mono along with more creature comforts. The Reynold's hulls would provide nice little "staterooms" and the center hull would have a dinette and galley.

    Kind of like a poor mans Lagoon but in a tri.
  5. kaamaman
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    Hi, KH-Sails.If you check you will find the molds and tooling for the Seawings 24 for sale in your city.
  6. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    This might be interesting, rel. to the comment above about the Seawings 24.

    The guy who owns the tooling:

    2cdominas AT sbcglobal DOT net

    Pics of the boat and the tooling below.

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  7. KH-Sails
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    KH-Sails Junior Member

    Thanks, guys! Really appreciate the info and pictures.

    I do not have specs on the Reynold's or this boat, but based on a eyeball glance of each, how do you think the two would match up?

    Would like to keep the demountable cross beam set-up on the Reynold's.

    Not sure how they would look paired up. Am sure the center deck can be cleaned up to look a little more modern and pleasing to the eye.

  8. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    You may wish to check this one out. The story on this boat showed-up some seven years ago, very casually, on a Euro site and then all contact went away.

    Well, it's back now on Joe Farinaccio's Small Trimaran's site just today. A very straight-forward changeover from mono to tri and quite a functional boat. This Soling hull would probably work for you, as well, with maybe some changes in aka beam height due to the slightly taller Reynolds hulls.

    This last link will take you to a page where all the tech data and building info is located.

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