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Discussion in 'Software' started by member 69256, Mar 4, 2021.

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    I used Freeship to draw a simple flat bottom skiff. I developed the 3 panels of the boat and printed them. I cut them out and assembled the panels, the hull is hogged instead of rockered. The shape of the hull is reasonably correct. When I spring the hull to achieve the proper rocker the sides of the hull lay down. What have I done wrong? I am new to this software, all help would be appreciated.
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    Already elimated that possibility, using the other edge of the panel causes the transom and stem to lean into the center of the boat. The bottom panel also becomes way to short.
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    Images please. Your audience is operating blind.
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    They are either upside down, inside out, or back-to-front, or perhaps some combination that is sure to do your head in. It does not sound like a terribly intricate design, bust as mentioned, pictures would help.

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    Check the panel measurements against the drawing, all edges. If it works in 3D CAD, it will work in 3D reality. Make sure the flat panel has the same measurements along the edges as the 3D panel and isn't just a projection.
    (I hope I'm getting my meaning across).
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