Return of the Crab Claw Rig?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by brian eiland, Dec 11, 2014.

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    I like the idea of wind assisted power boats but this crab claw implementation looks sketchy at best. My design would be a simple wishbone mast that flips up and flies a roller furled genoa gybed outside or furl to tack.
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    Seems like there is always someone looking to find a more expensive way to do a simple thing.

    There are a host of traditional rigs that would do the same thin and cost considerably less.

    What this rig appears to be is really a boom lateen with curved spars.

    I'd go with a plain lateen with or without a boom. The yard (and boom, if there is one) can ride on crutches. The short mast can simply stay erect.
    The sail can have braille lines and/or lazy jacks to facilitate furling.

    Since the sail area will be quite modest, the yard doesn't have to be unreasonably long. Maybe being as long as the boat will do.

    In all but strong winds, the rig really assists the engine. As the wind builds, the rig takes over more and more of the propulsion, until the engine can be switched off.

    Such a sail needs no reef points, as when it is fully set, it has the area of a reefed down rig of a pure sailboat of similar weight.

    Such motor sailors have ancient origins, dating back to galleys of classical times.
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