Restoring a 1977 Nordic jet boat

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by Robertb85, Apr 14, 2018.

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    hey guys I just joined this site looking for some pros here to point me in the right Direction I have been around boats since I was 10 I’m now 33 I have done work on them befor changing out motors and small maintenance Fix wave runners etc but never restor one befor i have done small fiberglass work on them but nothing like I’m about to start anyway my uncle boat a 1977 Nordic jet boat and the guy that had it stated on it he put a decent paint job on it but the inside has been completely gutted no motor or anything inside the boat witch is good cause saved me a lot of work anyway I’m building a 460 witch came with boat I will have some questions about that at a later time right now I’m wanting to put the new flooring in was looking for some advise on what materials are best for this now that being said my plan was to use plywood but where I’m having a tuff time with is I’m sure i need to put some supports in befor just putting plywood in I didn’t see how it was built form the get go cause someone already demo the old floor out it has a stringer i thinks that the right word for it going down the middle of the boat it start where the front of the motor Would be and runs a lil past where the i guess you would call the dash now do I want to cover that up or run boards on each side of that and then put the ply wood down this is where I’m stump and suggestions would help out a lot thanks
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    Welcome to the forum.

    That's a pretty ambitious project, particularly where you're starting from. I don't how much HP you'll be asking of this 460, but having built a few, you'll need to seriously look at some structural considerations, before you start tabbing things in.

    Plywood works and is easy to work and fit, though there will likely be places you might consider something else, like Cossa, just to get the durability out of it. Post a few pictures of what you're working with and this would help a lot.
  3. Barry
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    Nordic Jet boat Tech page
    This fellow did a restoration as well.
    You should really find a Nordic jet boat forum or even a jet boat forum pertaining to the type of boat that you have.
    If you have a Berkley Jet you need to ensure that the impeller is the correct cut for the horsepower that you are building the engine for.
    As most of our boats were meant to run 30 - 40 mph, with a 460 454 with about 330 hp ahead of the pump, we always used a A3 impellor, designed to carry some weight
    They would, with enough hp, carry a boat to close to 70 but with maybe 425- 450 ahead of the pump.

  4. Robertb85
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    It’s had a 460 in the boat originally the pump and everything Handel a 460 with 500 hp the reason for a rebuild is a crack block from a rod
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