resistant weld section area requirement

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    Dear All,
    we are studying the resistant weld section area requirement of rule.
    for the small aluminum boat, the long. size is small such as the attached bulb file.
    for the small bulb, the welding area is very difficult to meet the BV's requirement.
    is there any people can provide us your opinion for this matter?

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    Apart from being just a straight forward calculation to establish the weld area which I assume you have done, if the vessel is being built to Class, then the plan approval office would indicate whether there is or is not sufficient weld area in the attachment. Since, if the dwg is stamped approved, there is your answer. If not approved there is your answer.

    Then it is down to whether the shipyard are able to deposit the weld area required correctly and without introducing flaws and SCF by taking time and care to ensure proper weld returns etc. Without which it is destine to crack owing to poor fabrication procedures.

    I notice those rules are from BV. One other simple solution is to change Class. BV are rubbish rules not consistent anywhere. Chaing to LR or DNV.
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