Replacing outboard motors with sail in the Marshall islands

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by rob denney, Feb 22, 2020.

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    Plenty of volume for cargo displacement.
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    Really ? Did you bother to read any of the background ? The design was developed to use the available materials and skills, to build a boat that fits a specific purpose.

    You might as well come here and proclaim sailing is stupid, we should all be driving motor boats....

    Of course ... sailing is stupid... :D
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    Yes, I did. I also sailed a flat-bottomed Wa'apa and more traditional, deep-V proas, and can compare their sailing abilities and seaworthiness. And I built a traditional-looking proa of 3 plates of ply, in 2 weeks, without wooden stringers and without glass fiber. It is in use for 12 years.

    Rob did a great job, it's true. But what stopped him from looking at what the islanders were building and sailing before? They were not stupid!



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    Please do.

    Any pictures? Or a better description?


    They most certainly weren't/aren't. However, they did not have access to the materials that we have.
    I sailed on a traditional canoe, spent hours chatting with the guys who build, sail and race them and studied all the rotten ones scattered around the shore at WAM. I then took the good things from the traditional boats. The rig and the paddle steering. . Traditional canoes are huge fun and fast for what they are. But no way are they easy to build, light enough to carry up the beach, able to carry a ton of payload (without being at least 40' long), survive 20 years of abuse in the tropics, or sail higher than 110 degrees to the wind. These are the reasons traditional boats have all but disappeared.

    It is easy enough to alter a traditional proa to get some of these attributes and numerous people do so. To get all of them, the result will end up looking pretty similar to the Mini Cargo Ferry.
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