Replacing Nacelle in an EDELCAT33

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by edelcat33, Sep 9, 2019.

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    I have a EDELCAT33 sailing catamaran circa 1995.edelcat33 - Google Search
    These cats are demountable and have 3 separate living spaces; each hull and a nacelle or cuddy cabin.
    Since the weather in Miami continues to get hotter every year, the nacelle no longer keep us cool. I want to create a wider open cabin that will have a roof running middle of one hull to the other, and create an open space in the back of the boat. I am thinking of using Nidacore to save weight, I see they have 4’x8’ 1/2” panels with 1 layer of 18 oz. Woven Roving laminated on each side with Polyester Resin.
    I want to build something similar to a Rapier400 short roof version (of course proportional to the size of my boat) Rapier R400 Short Roof versus Long Roof ~ Broadblue Catamarans

    Has anybody in this group has experience on building cabin tops using Nidacore? I have built in the past strippers and plywood boats, but not composite.
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