Replacing deck - 41' Cranchi - decisions - long post

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mbam, Sep 17, 2008.

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    This is my first post here, thanks in advance for any opinions offered.

    If you are not familiar with Cranchi, pretty nice boat (aside from the deck), made in Italy. Has some kind of teak veneer-plywood panels as the cockpit floor & deck hatches. Also 1/4 thick inserts of same on the swim platform. Boat is almost 10 years old and to be kind about it the deck has not aged well. Some rot, delaminating, soft caulk, etc. All the seats are out of the boat (frames rotted also, I don't know what they have over there for wood) so now is the time to replace it.

    As I am kind of traditional my first thought was 1/2 marine ply with pre-fab (margins & everything) real teak deck laminated to it. We have a complete shop and will cut the panels, but hand laying strips is more than we can do right now. Downside is the ongoing maintenance & cost.

    Found lots of info & opinions on the synthetic teaks, most of it here. Have a sample of the Tek-Deck, and I must say it looks pretty good. So now I am leaning that way. In the spirit of never having to do this again I am re-thinking the material for the panels and maybe want something synthetic also. The deck is supported by an aluminum frame; the largest unsupported span is about 24”. The material cost (within reason) is not a factor.

    Must have enough compressive strength for hinges. Edges must be presentable (the 3 panels in the center open). I don’t think I mind the look of the deck material laminated to the panel, but I think if it is on of the foam cores I will have to seal & finish it.

    So – again from research here I have come up with MarineCell, Powerply, Okume, Coosaboard & Penske board. I thought about Nidacore but I think the edge treatment & hinges would be a problem. Will all of these work OK in ½ or 5/8 thickness?


    Thanks again!!
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    Another plywood deck will do what the last one did FAIL.

    When faced with this problem on TT (Taiwan Tubs ) that have failed "composite" decks (A quickie layer of glass over crap plywood then punctured with a minimum of bedding for a teak overlay) we simply use cored glass.

    The deck is ground down to clean FRP and a 3/4 inch foam core is bedded in .

    Then the deck is covered with enough glass (3/8 or thicker) to not need help from the soggy underlayers.

    Not light , but a wave breaking aboard does no harm.

    Glue whatever you like as eye candy on top.

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