Repairing Deck Core from Underside, Thickness of new fiberglass layup!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by wesley Sherman, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. wesley Sherman
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    wesley Sherman Junior Member

    I would like to know others thoughts that know more than me, When I removed the previous fiberglass that I cut out to get to the core, the layup had no consistent thickness. Seemed to be a bit less than 18th of an inch which surprised me. So so far I have layed up 3 layers of 1708. Watching my friend of 280lbs walk across the area I see no deflection, Taping on areas that are original, and then the ones I've done have a similar sound.
    Should I lay a couple more or is the three I've done enough. The deck width in these areas is about 12-14 inches wide.
    The balsa core is 1/4" thick if it matters.

    Below is a photo of one of the areas.

    Also, does anyone see a reason not to fillet the hull to deck joint and fiberglass it in as well? All the fiberglass layup is overlayed like bricks to not have seams to line up.

    Thank you in advance
  2. bajansailor
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    Wesley, I think that you are overthinking all of this.
    Your boat was massively built (relatively) in the 60's - she has not fallen apart yet, and I don't see her doing this any time soon.
    Especially as all the repair work that you are doing appears to be first class.

    I think you have answered your own question - it has coped very well for 50 odd years, so why should you want to further reinforce the hull / deck joint?
    Unless you want to do it for peace of mind, as it is all exposed now.
  3. wesley Sherman
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    wesley Sherman Junior Member

    Thank you Bajansailor, I probably do overthink things, overbuild as well. Yes peace of mind is a good thing, and even though it has lasted this long is a great thing but I want to make sure I do things that will possibly allow it to last another 30. Trying to think ahead. My son wants it after I am done with it so, at this point of a total refit, I would like to address things that could come to event in the future.

  4. fallguy
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    Spans are all that matter.

    You can't build a 3 layer each side 1708 layup with a 1/4" balsa core and expect a 3 foot span rating. For one thing the core is too thin.

    But you tested a 250#+ man walking a 14" span, so really not more to do.

    The core thickness was a bit underdone, but if it works, don't worry.
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