repairing a 1960's steel hull, alternatives to plateing?

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    ok i original posted in open discussion here:

    but was advised to ask more directed questions here. there is a link to pictures
    and more info there however.

    basicly its a 39 ft steel hulled houseboat-with the normal boat configuration.

    not the flat bottomed houseboat type-more like a mini-yacht really.

    very cheap-only 3900!

    BUT the bow end has water pooled behind each "rib" on ether side of the

    "spine?' on the inside. where the water has drained away there is small ( pencil eraser sized) holes-one by every pool-maybe about 6-8 ribs?

    from the outside the rest of the metal seems good-and the thick red coating
    is stock and no deterioration even where it shows denting!

    seems to have corroded on the front end from pooled water on the inside!

    anyway a huge job would exceed my budget!

    the actual holes are only 5-8 in number, but the metal seems thinned out around them. iam going to take a welder with me and as per advice inspect
    the ribs as well....and take pics to bring here.

    from smacking the metal it seems to be about a roughly 5 ft long area
    on both sides of the keel ( bow end) where metal is thinner, maybe in areas around the holes.

    a few questions?

    1) i can run a grinder and a oxy-acetylene torch-tho its been over 10 years since i "pushed the puddle" in shop class.....but remember how to do a but-weld. could 5mm thick steel sheets be welded over the thin spots-say 1-2 ft x 1 ft squares?

    2) sandblasting- can i just grind off that coating with a sander or circular grinder?

    3) can i weld the sheets on the inside? then just fill the holes on the exterior
    with those fiberglass/resin/epoxy boat repair putty?

    4) or some similar stuff and slather the whole bow in it?

    5) or fix sheets of plastic or something else to it with that?

    6) use ferroconcrete? fill in the bad area between the ribs with 1-4 inch thick layers of the ferroconcrete or plaster?

    7) cover the bow area with a layer of fiberglass?

    8) or any other ideas for a cheap repair method-it could be long term,
    or just to get the boat threw the winter for welding next year?

    basically after i buy it it has to go in the water soon-the marina fee's are insane where its at.

    it is in the Mississippi so it wont have to deal with salt water!
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