Repair Help for bloated Tinnie (alum. boat)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BrOnZe, Jan 14, 2015.

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    The problem is simply the alloy has stretched, so unless you shrink it (yep, you can do this) forcing the aluminum back into position will just cause puckers, dents, distortions and impose even more stretching loads on the alloy. Your best bet is to accept her current shape and cut the ribs and boxes to suit. You'll have to piece in some bridges to extend them a bit in places, where things are stretched out, but at least they'll make contact again, without further distorting the hull.
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    Not ICE I hope ??

    Freezing welds.?
    Weather down here is not doing any help.
    Further info. ..

    Thanks, the way she is, is just fine.
    I am capable of fillets, wleding, well thats my TIG trials beggining.


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    I would try a load of ratchet straps.

    You can spread the load with timber, try a few and see if it pulls in.

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