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Discussion in 'Software' started by fede, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Cinema4D is pretty good, though my favorite is Artlantis. It does not have any modeling abilities, so you still need a modeling program. I of course use TouchCAD, which provides direct export to Artlantis, but most programs work. Artlantis is certainly not free, but it costs less than C4D and a lot less than 3D Max. It is extremely easy to use, provides advanced and high quality real-time radiosity previews, and it is pretty quick. Works on both Windows and Macs.
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    I am using Flamingo NXT WIP with Rhino. Easy to use for non render experts and no conversion problems. Maybe not for the ultimate photo realistic renderings, but close enough for most work.
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    Stephen Davis ( who does a lot of 2D plans and profiles for builders in the states uses Photoshop. He is very good at it and very, very quick.

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    SimLab Composer from SimLab Soft is a good renderer, it is fast, accurate and easy to use, please click here to see SimLab Composer in action

    In addition to rendering it generates 3D PDF files, the professional license is sold for $149, SimLab Composer is supported on Windows and Mac.

    SimLab Composer supports many standard file formats including (3DM from Rhino, STEP, SolidWorks, FBX, and OBJ)


    This model was design and rendered by Mark Brown using SimLab Composer

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