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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by watchkeeper, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    If anyone is considering expat employment, purchasing a production built boat or building any type of craft with a Chinese company there are a few basics rules you need to be aware of and those companies to steer well clear of.

    If a buyer or job seeker wants background details of a production company or boat builder, products, capability, QA, trade history and warranty support I can research the relevant company.

    I recently investigated a company on behalf of a client and regardless of their website claims my research found faulty workmanship, poor quality Chinese made equipment installed, electrical and engineering issues plus non compliance with contracts, breach of contract and vessels delivered under performing requirments.

    There are a good number of Chinese companies that do deliver the goods as per contract, there are as many that do not.
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  2. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    Don't worry: My dog does not bite.
    Oops - he never did that before.

    Whenever I tried Chinese goods for boat building, I have been disappointed. And that was not only low cost stuff.
  3. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Chinese reteraunts are often found sell dog meat in UK . This practice of making mas profit from cheapest supplies is well known . It will be a long time before China rids itself of this opinion.

    Its not just China but the Chinese mentality.

    Look at a Chines grave yard, each tomb is beautifully tiled on the front with decorative effects. Just step behind and you have plaster and paper holding it all up. Ive looked at these things many time amazed at the sloppy work.

    Its the cheapest possible way to have built that tomb yet made it look good.

    This is chinese mentality.

    As some one else said recently on this forum <rude remark directed towards chinese in general removed>

    Im with Hakim on this one but Im sure other less experienced may have different point of view and once bought something from China they were pleased with.
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  4. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I think we all agree
  5. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    Mainstrean Chinese don't eat dog meat, they do eat donkey and there is an area of the outer Mongolia where the people do dine on dog specially breed for the plate as do the mountain people of the Philippines and Indonesia.

    Several Chinese resturants have substitued cat for chicken
  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    It was mostly Alsatian found hanging in the freezers.and yes it was not meant for traditional chines dishes but for the English curries to the drunks after chucking out time.
  7. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    If it had been my dog the resturant owner would have been found later hand feeding the fish on the bottom of local canal or port with his feet wearing concrete filled woks :D
  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Would you recognize your dog without its head, skin or paws , They kinda look like lamb at that stage --its only from DNA testing.

    Being partial to a curry after chuck out myself I never noticed anything.

    I just really really hope those were really water chestnuts

    There is a dog in the next road that will be pushing up daisie if it runs me over into the oncoming traffic again. Thats twice now. One magic sausage coming up, tell you what make it a dozen and wipe the street out.
  9. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    I would do what I tell my staff to never do on my projects, make an assumption: my dog missing + butchered dog in local kitchen = fish feeding with live chum (chinese takeout?)

    When I was a young guy a lot of cats started to go missing around a local ethnic resturant at the fish boat harbour, then one of the guys I crewed with weekends found some cat hides in their printshop rubbish bin next door.

    Pan Pan Receipe
    Take prawns, fish guts, rotten corn and chicken guts, grind and add liquid (dubiuos origins).
    Place in covered plastic bucket and hang in the sun for 5 days.
    Pour fermented juice into air intake grille of owner's prized Ford Galaxy and hang cat hide on car aerial.

    Msg was copy and understood
  10. jak3b
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    jak3b Junior Member

    reliable chinese---------- fill in the blank, belongs with jumbo shrimp,reality TV,etc etc
  11. WestVanHan
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    WestVanHan Not a Senior Member

    I'm surprised tunnels hasn't chimed in here,he had a go at me for preferring to buy locally built boats as opposed to Chinese built ones.

    Ironically,the New Zealander who's working in China because...people didn't buy locally.
  12. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    The whole industry is a conundrum, ANZ have very good designers and deliver world beating quality but few locals can afford to buy because local wages & labour rates are to high.

    There are several aluminium and GRP builders in China that produce very good quality builds with expat supervision but Chinese companies generally can't design or can't style or even build sea worthy boats. I've seen some real death traps, guaranteed widow makers designed & built in China

    Chinese buyers with money only buy imported boats because of the prestige (face) and value. The buyers with limited funds will buy the cheaper locally built boats because owning a boat its the thing to do but then hardly ever take them out.

    A few expats have tried setting up yacht brokerage agencies in China to sell yachts to Chinese - waste of time and money.

    The only real buyer in China is Govt Corporations - port authourity pilot boats, patrol boats, SAR and work boats.

    My company supplies aluminium hulls we fabricate in China, to either deliver turn key finished or deliver the hull only for the owner to finish with his builder of choice.
  13. myark
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    myark Senior Member

    I am in China this moment manufacturing a new design amphibious water craft from aluminium and titanium.
    I find CNC and EDM machining far superior than New Zealand and of course many times less cost with excellent service and the respect that is outstanding.

  14. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    Anything do do with production using precision machining in China is normal good, especially if the machinery is imported.

    If you subcontract the work then you need to due diligence evaluate the contractor then do follow up unannounced spot inspections of the work in progress and components - to ensure the work wasn't subbied out to a cheaper source and all materials & components met specs and work is on schedule.
    Chinese don't care about lead times and are great at cheating, if I pay a China manufacturer to deliver a scope of work requiring six techs, the company will either use three and delivery lower quality or subbie the project so I do spot checks.
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