regarding foundation calculation...

Discussion in 'Materials' started by sreenath00, May 28, 2009.

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    sreenath00 Junior Member

    Hello ,
    Iam Sreenath from India Iam a naval architect enthusiast in structural calculation.

    may I know how to do the foundation calculation . for any deck machinery, is there any codes to refer like (ASME code for piping),
    And what are all the things lto be checked in the result. what are the parameters to be checked like stress and deflection,
    i have nauticus beam software but Dont know the result interpretation,,

    and is there any book for understanding how to do foundation calculation..

    Can any one help me, .......
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    It depends on the installation. Start by reading basic books on desing and shipbuilding. What is your level in math?
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Sreenath, you said that you are a naval architect, an "enthusiast" of structural calculation, yet you are unable to interpret the results of a FEA software??? How can that be?
    I agree with Gonzo's advice. Start from the very basics of shipbuilding.

  4. sreenath00
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    sreenath00 Junior Member

    hi Gonzo &daiquiri
    thanks for your replay.....

    Ican understand the result but in real case there might be some allowance like factor of safety.. and some other factors like vertical accleration and dynamic factor also might be considering....with the loads acting on the foot print...
    in DNV rule book pt3ch3 sec5 ican see the normal stress and shear stress limiting values,,, is it to be taken as the boundary condition for anchor handling towing winch...or any other factor is considering.... and what shall be the allowable deflection,,,, for the deck,,,,,
    .. and ifeel iam strong in basics of mats and physics,,
    do u have any hand calculations,, for any foundation,,,,,
    my mail id is
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