Recruitment for an Aluminium Boat Building [ISO Certified] Company in U.A.E.

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    Our Clients a certified ISO Aluminium Boat Building Company[Work boats,Survey vessels,Dive Work boats,Catamaran work boats,Fast response boats,Pilot vessels,Personal carrier,Rescue boats,Ferry Boats and associated Marina projects .... in United Arab Emirates needs to recruit the following -

    Naval Architect
    Project Manager
    Project Design Manager
    Draftsmen Marine Engineering
    Section Head-Engineering
    Candidates from the Aluminum Boat Building companies only need apply .

    Mail yr resumes to


    Kamal M Mehta
    Recruitment Manager/CEO
    Reach Consulting
    Dubai , U.A.E.
    Tel 009714 335 0620 +4 GMT
    9 to 5 -Saturdays to Wednesdays . :idea:
    Mobile 00971 50 348 0667
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