Recommend classic book on mooring design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by floating, Sep 7, 2016.

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    I am looking for recommendations for textbooks on mooring design for complex moorings, such as 3-leg moorings for large buoys or large ships that would survive a 100-year storm. The ideal book would give guidance on topics like how to reduce loads by selection of line materials and components such as clump weights or mooring floats, recommended lengths of mooring sections in different water depths. I am looking to capture best practices in mooring design from the marine and offshore industries. [If an online class or workshop comes to mind, that would be useful too.]
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    Have you tried googling mooring design or something similar. I did that years ago when I had a mooring in Puerto Escondito. One of the links that came up was a US Navy manual on how to design moorings for navy ships. It was pretty extensive. I didn't keep either the manual or the link.
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    I have a copy of" The Complete Anchoring Handbook", it has a short chapter 8 on moorings with some diagrams & weights per length, interestingly a x 4 factor is applied to hurricane areas. I have also in the past referenced a New Zealand local council recommended block design & have had no issue in some pretty big breeze, haven't seen that site recently though. generally a heavy ground chain used to the block, then a lighter springer chain then often a rope riser to the eye/vessel connection, various scopes are applied to areas conditions and space available.
    Generally now I just leave the work to the nearest contractor & trust them and insurance..
    Pretty cool-
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    For large ships and permanent moorings use MIL HNBK 1026/4A or it's replacement UFC 4-159-03. For offshore structures, see Offshore Structures: Design, Construction, & Maintenance or Dynamic Analysis and Design of Offshore Structures as well as more recent papers on TLPs and other platforms of interest.

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    Thanks for these book recommendations. I got some useful advice outside this forum too which I am including in case it helps someone else:

    Berteaux HO (1991) Coastal and Oceanic Buoy Engineering.
    Woods Hole:Henri Berteaux. [For smaller mooring systems].

    DNV-OS-E301 "Position Mooring", possibly now DNVGL-OS-E301

    API recommend practice for moorings; API-RP-2SK "Design and Analysis of Stationkeeping Systems for Floating Structures".
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