Rebuilding and repowering my houseboat

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by doitmyself, Dec 23, 2015.

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    doitmyself New Member

    I have a 1972 KingsCraft houseboat 15'x44', has 2-318 chrysler setup. i am thinking seriously about re-powering to outboards. If anyone has experience, opinions, or comments, I would appreciate any input. Boat weighs 14,000 lhs, is currently up on blocks at my residence. plan to do all work myself, as usual, interior/exterior rebuild due to partial sinking.
  2. gonzo
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    What's wrong with the 318's?
  3. Barry
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    Barry Senior Member

    I posted this info on the other thread but here it is again
    There are two houseboat rental companies in Sicamous, BC, Canada
    Twin Anchor Houseboats and Three Buoys Marina. Twin Anchor builds them from the hull up and rents them out.
    A quick call to them would probably help you figure out horsepower, gear ratios and props
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    A lot of your decision may depend on how you plan to use the Houseboat when you get her fixed up. If you're only going to putt putt a mile down the lake 4 times a year Outboard Power "might" be appropriate.

    Substantial O/B power will not be cheaper than replacing the 318's. You did not mention I/O or inboard. If inboard you should definitely stick with I/B because the transom reinforcement for O/B's will be extensive.

    O/B conversion will call for beefing up the transom, brackets, new controls, cables, wiring, steering, and O/B's are expensive to buy and expensive to service.

    Replacing 318's will be a drop in, inexpensive to replace compared to O/B, can be serviced by anyone, and provide better performance. I just did a quick search and Short Block 318's can be had for less than $1,000.


  5. doitmyself
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    my long term plan

    My intention is to put the boat on the Arkansas river and live on it. travel long distances, so must be dependable above all. The outboards seem far more dependable and economical in the long run. inboards with vdrive systems are pretty complex and considering their age, i am not confident that they would last. As far as the supports for the outboards, the boat is very well built especially at the stern and with a very heavy (reinforced) swim platform that is just about designed to handle the obs. Of course speed is not an issue, just cruising at 12-15 knots would be perfect. Again, this boat is all aluminum, 1/4" hull and 3/16" wall and decks, framing is all heavy duty aluminum structural angle and channel.
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