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    Dear all,

    who of the experts could give some feedback on how
    to read a specific hull design in performance racing sailboats
    designed for lake or inshore racing without bigger waves?

    For example:


    Comparing the rear sections of the two attached
    "open" constructions. One (YSA) is a successful racer on flat
    lakes with a sharp angulation between a flat bottom and
    the sides, the other (Open 6.5, FINOT) shows a smooth curvature
    from the flat bottom to the sides.

    What does it mean in terms of pointing, reaching ? How is
    this influenced by rocker?
    Older thinking seems to be, that the very wide rear sections of modern
    planing shapes helps with reaching but give disadvantages when upwind pointing - does this still apply?

    Are there general guidelines to read, whether the hull
    is shaped for pointing or reaching, for light or hard weather?

    Tx for any help and literature recommendations
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