Re-power - Long blocks from RapidO Marine in Miami

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by eddievanhalen, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I just got done diagnosing my low compression readings in 3 cylinders of a OMC 302 Ford. My boat is a 1977 Formula/Thunderbird Castaway, twin 5.0 302cid Ford OMC setup. When I pulled the head off, I came to the conclusion that it's time for full engine repower. The h20 passages in the exh. manifolds and cylinder heads were caked with salt and corrosion. I plan on cruising with my wife and son 30 miles out of SF Bay, so I'm not taking any chances on these engines. So, out they go.

    I'd like to stick with the OMC/Ford setup for cost reasons. I found a place called RapidO Marine in MIami ( that sells rebuild long block 302 Ford for $1400 including shipping.

    If I'm to rebuild the engines myself, I'd only save $200 a piece or so.

    Has anyone bought a motor from Rapid O?

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